Last Updated - July 12th , 2018

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Please be sure to contact us if your ad is successful at:
**For more information call the Owner Debra Hansen at (206) 546-6716

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Wapato Point has 7 different associations .
You can call WP at 509-687-9511 ext 0 to get additional information
On units listed on this web site.


Please keep in mind that you need to make sure that you receive a receipt /confirmation from the owner in order to make your immediate plans to vacation at Wapato Point.


It's not the responsibility of this web site for any incorrect
information on the ads.
You need to call WP to confirm all information before renting.


Please call WP to verify unit info. owner /availability of
the unit you are renting, before you send a check out.


Wapato Point Closed Down
In the event Wapato Point is closed down for whatever reason it is
strictly up to the owners to reimburse the renters.


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